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Stuck in the Muck
Our lives are filled with "Control Dramas". If we are not part of the solution then we must be part of the problem.  Recognizing the drama helps us to get "unstuck".

Relax it's Only Stress!
Todays lifestyles are hectic and demanding.  Often times learning to see the humor in the situation and relaxing will ease the stress in your life.

From Fear to Forward
Fear immobilizes us and keeps us from moving forward toward our goals.  Recognizing and seizing opportunities is the key to moving forward!

The Cognitive Connection
The mind and the body are connected.  What we feel and think affects our attitudes and health.  did you know that the body actually reveals a code about your thoughts?

Primary Colors as a Secondary Language
Color is all around us, but we forget about the impact it has on our lives.  Color influences our purchase descions, our productivity, our energy levels and our health and wellness.

Customized Topics
Do you have a special topic? All of Rhonda Reif's presentations are modified to identify with her audience.  She will also create a special presentation based on your topic request.  For example, topics on marketing, business or entrepreneur skills just to mention a few ideas! She also does childrens events. 
Rhonda Reif
utilizes humor, fun and real life experiences to make her presentations interesting and unique!  She has been involved in motivating and training people since 1979.  She has won national honors for public speaking and leadership skills. 

Rhonda has appeared on TV Talk Shows and Radio Programs.  She has a regularly scheduled radio program and has written a series of published articles.
Some of her clients include:
Baskin-Robbins / Dean Foods
Raiders Precast
Colleges and Universities
Professional Associations
Bic / Sheaffer Pen
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